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Best Android APPS OF THE YEAR!

Starting with the wallpaper apps this year there were lot of new wallpaper apps but there are two wallpaper apps which I like most first is the neo line live wallpaper neo line is a 3d wallpaper which looks wonderful on the home screen I have used this wallpaper on and off this year and if you have a full-screen phone like one plus seven Pro this wallpaper looks
amazing this wallpaper also supports Iroh movements but I usually don’t use it to optimize a battery consumption but overall this wallpaper looks amazing on the screen and one of my favorite days here next wallpaper app of the year is dope waltz don’t both provide 4k HD wallpapers which are hand-picked for your phone the app has good collection of high-quality wallpapers which are not random and splash pictures you get daily new wallpaper and there are different categories in the app in the African download the wallpaper to your device or
set it from the app itself the best thing about this app is the quality of the wallpapers you get good quality vault in this app which looks wonderful on your phone so these were the best wallpaper apps.

Now let’s move on to a few utility apps first in this category is the action – action – is the alternative to the digital well-being app which is available on pixel and Android Co
devices the app offers a lot of information with enhanced features and customizations action – shows you the mobile usage of each app and the total time spent on the app and how many times you have opened a particular app you can also see the historical data and analyze your usage pattern this app looks and worked as a Google well-being app and in the app, you can see your app usage data for a day and even four hours.

Overall I find it a must-have app in your phone so give it a try next best utility app of the year is the skip ads allow you to skip YouTube ads which you will see while watching videos on YouTube now when you have played this video you might have received an ad which you have to skip and basically this app is made for skipping ads now instead of manually hitting the skip button it will auto-detect the button and skip the ad for you overall if you watch a lot of YouTube videos then I find this app an easy solution to skip ads automatically.

So do give it a try next best utility app we have is the bottom quick settings as a name suggests this app allows you to place quick settings at the bottom of your phone and nowadays with the big screen phones it is sometimes difficult to reach the top of a phone with one hand but with this app, you can place the quick settings at the bottom this app feels like a native Android app and it’s smooth and fluid you have mostly all the settings it has Wi-Fi torch etc and some of the settings requires you to give permission using the ADB platform-tools overall I find it wonderful app, especially for big-screen phone users.

Action Dash

So do check it out the next utility app we have is the EZ and easy the nd offers best DND features for your Android phone it can change different DND options without going into settings you can customize the DND levels for example full DND or priority D&E; which allows calls from your preferred contacts only apart from that you can also control media and touch sounds right from the app easy the nd is a very useful app in which you can do all the do not disturb related customizations at one place and the final best app in this category is the envelope is a very simple app which allows you to upload files and share it with your friends and colleagues easily.

There is no limit no tracking and all the files are private for you this app runs on block stack which means you have full control of your files the interface of the app is simple and it’s very easy to understand in order to use the app you would need to choose the file which you want to share and once it’s uploaded you’ll have the link of the uploaded file which you can share easily you can also delete any file any time and the link to that file will not work overall it’s the best file sharing app which I have come across.

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