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Best Android Apps you Must Have Installed

BlockSite is the first step on this list this is a great tool to block apps and websites that distract you all you need to do is type the URL or select the apps you’d like to block and once you enable it they’ll be blocked simple as that it won’t let you visit the websites on your Chrome browser or open the apps you just elected there’s even an option to block adult sites automatically the app and extension also have a password protection feature that is intended to make it harder for you to get into the app or website that is making you procrastinate you can also schedule when you want your sites or apps to become blocked within work mode you can temporarily block unsaved content by using their timer and every website or app you blog can be synch with your desktop with their chrome plug-in they also have some premium features such as preventing anyone else from uninstalling.

The app and redirecting you to a different page if you end up on a blog site their plans start at $2 a month but they do provide a free trial so you can give it a try for free overall it’s the best app and website blocker you can install on your phone.

The volume control panel is another must-have for those who are still on android 8 or are using the device that still doesn’t have the new Android 9/10 volume slider such as any Samsung device this app lets you obtain that new volume slider sure it’s not an exact replication but it’s pretty closing in paracin you can even expand it to control multiple volume profiles at once you can customize it so just turning it dark showing you screenshot button starting a collapse or expanded and more and they have a premium version to unlock even more settings such as changing the starting position the color excluding it from apps and more.

Best Android Apps you Must Have Installed

I’ve been using day-wise for a couple of months now and it’s a great way to stop getting interrupted by unimportant notifications it’ll stockpile all of your unimportant notifications such as games apps that you rarely use etc and it’ll notify you about them in batches throughout the day that way you will only see essential notification instantly such as emails text messages missed calls etc and you can choose how often you like the batches to come in you can even batch some of your contacts so only important ones can get a hold of you right away.

If you have a ton of screenshots and aren’t sure how to organize them or can’t seem to find a specific one then check out firefox screenshot go not only can you organize and see all of your screenshots in one spot but if a screenshot has text then you can search for specific keywords to find it quickly on top of that you can extract text from any screenshot and then copy the text for further actions like search for products open links etc.

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