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Best Apps for Android – Free Apps 2020

The first app we have in our list is the light MV, first of all, you would like to thank light MV for sponsoring this video now about the app light MV is a music video maker by which you can make photo video slideshow for apps like Instagram tic toc or even for whatsapp status we just need to choose the template add photos or video clips talking about the templates there are a lot of templates available in different categories you can also see a live preview of any template before choosing the photos and videos once you have selected a template you need to select photos and videos and the app will auto code is a video file for you apart from this in the African also add custom text in the video overall this is a good app for those who wants to promote their business on Instagram by uploading I can see video clips which will help you to get more engagement you can also download the video or share it from the app itself Lite MV is a good video maker and if you want to make amazing video clips quickly then we recommend you to check out this app.

Next staff we have in our list is the shake light is a free app which allows you to just shake your phone to turn on the flashlight of your phone this feature is available in few phones by default but if you want this feature in your phone then with this simple app you can easily enable flashlight we just shake off your phone the app also detects when your phone is in your pocket and you can also test settings such as proximity detection vibration and also the shake sensitivity you can also turn on the flashlight with the big power button in the app in the free version you get only one orange theme but in the paid version you can choose from four themes and guys for this app we have 40 promo codes for giveaway and if you need one just follow us on Instagram and Twitter where we will be posting stories and tweets with Phi promo codes at a time.

So hurry up and follow us on Instagram and Twitter right now next app we have in our list is the trans now trans no is a Productivity app which will help you in different ways basically it’s a note-taking app but it will help you to manage your notes and there is also an option here which is mind map in one click you can create mind map of your notes and share it easily with your friends and colleagues I have tried a lot of apps or note-taking before but trance now is a wonderful app which offers a lot of features and the best part is that it’s really easy to use as well you can create mind map arrange things easily which is drag and drop and also the app is enabled with cloud sync which means you can use it on multiple devices with the same progress initially you’ll find it’s a bit complicated but once you start using this note-taking app it’s really easy to use especially.


If you’re a student or someone who likes to organize things that they start then I can tell you that you’re going to love the features of this app we were able to get a special link which will give you six months of pro features so definitely check it out next in the list is audible is an on-the-go listening app and it has a lot of things to entertain and inspire you audible is an Amazon company which is offering free audio series which you can listen anytime anywhere I’ve been using this app mainly while commuting and I find a lot of good episodes and series in this app in the app you’ll find lot of audible originals which are narrated by famous Bollywood stars and guys.

The content is really good nd I’m surprised that this is available for free at the moment and believe me once you start using this app he’ll be immediately hooked to listen to different series and episodes the sound quality of the episodes are really good and if you ask my personal favorite in this app then it’s the Kalia Vasa which is a horror series so overall if you’re looking for an app for entertainment purpose then this is the app you should check out this month

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