Laptop For Gamers And Students Lenovo S340 Review - Get BD Price

Laptop for Gamers and Students Lenovo S340 Review

We have the Rison 5 3500 you which is a 4 core 4 threaded processor with Vega 8 graphics that can turbo boost to 3.7 gigahertz this also has gigabytes of ddr4 ram a 256 gigabyte SSD
and a 15.6 inch 1080p 60 Hertz display so let’s go ahead and talk about the feel of this laptop which the keyboard typing experience is incredible for $450 like there’s a very good chance if I wanted to I could totally replace my daily driver Huawei laptop with this Lenovo because of the keys the wrist height and the overall feel and construction of the s3 40 is unbelievable for typing for $450.

I was really surprised quickly bashing out any sort of flat reports or code on my IDE S on the Lenovo Astra 40 was such a breeze to type on and i can’t recommend it enough if you were going to be a future computer engineer computer scientist English major or anything else that’s gonna be using the keyboard a lot because you were going to enjoy typing on this it is pretty spectacular and with that note, the construction, in general, is very solid and I think it looks really nice especially in that matte blue color that is on the s3 40
here behind me and as far as the touchpad goes.

It’s good I got no complaints with it and you know it’s a pretty alright touchpad I mean it’s not amazing like a MacBook but it’s not terrible it’s pretty average now the looks and here’s something I think the s3 40 secretly shines in because this is a $450 laptop and when you think of most sub $500 laptops you think I’m some like poopy silver or black laptop from you know another manufacturer but this one from Lenovo has a really nice simplistic understanding look to it especially with some very subtle branding here and there and the colors on the sv40 i think are pretty attractive too especially the navy blue option here behind me there’s also a little bit of a matte finish on it as well which is a little bit of a standout so that’s another cool thing to the paint job on this laptop is a little bit cooler than you think now while all that does sound great there is one thing that is a little bit off-putting with this laptop and it’s that there’s no actual backlighting on any of the keys.

Lenovo S340

Which isn’t an issue at all if you’re typing in the day but if you’re a student who quickly grinding out an essay right before it’s due at midnight you can’t exactly see the keys in the dark so that is one thing to note and now how about the usability and the sv40 most certainly excels in this category so first things first this has an HDMI output which is gonna be super awesome if you want to extend the display of the s340 to say a widescreen monitor or ultra-wide and you can you know to boost up your IDE or your code text editor onto another screen and have something else in the s340 at the same time this also has a USB type-c port which is really awesome.

If you have a phone like a Pixel 4 that has a USB C port on it and you want to just charge it with the s340 in between classes this also has a headphone jack which is another big plus it has two more USB 3.0 ports on the right side of the laptop which is the
the correct place to put it if you want to hook up an external mouse to this laptop this also has an SD card reader which is another huge yes for the s3 40 and if all that wasn’t appealing enough.

The battery life on the s3 for you back here is really awesome actually in the middle of a 50-minute class session, I got about a 12% reduction in overall battery life from one hundred to eighty-eight percent which if you’re gonna be using this thing all day is gonna be plenty so there’s gonna be no worries at all when it comes to battery life and now how about the performance and overall gaming experience which is gonna be interesting because this laptop here uses the Rison 530 500 U which is a combination between a CPU and a GPU and one chip which is also called an APU because it has those mega eight graphics.

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