OnePlus Concept One Phone

OnePlus Concept One Phone: Disappearing Cameras?

OnePlus Concept One Phone: Disappearing Cameras?

OnePlus Concept One isn’t a real phone… but in a future with many cameras in every phone, this tech could be awesome!

One plus is here with a concept phone so they’re calling this the one plus concept one and it’s in partnership with McLaren they are not planning to sell this exact phone as it exists here and I don’t have a date for when this tech could end up in a phone potentially but they’re showing it off like this is pretty much classic CES it’s a concept of something cool and tech that you might not ever sell but if you do then that would be cool but what better time to show off something and make a nice little wave of press.

So the oneplus concept one under the hood it’s essentially a 1 plus 70 pro and if you dig around in the settings it says it’s a different build number in the software and a slightly different model number but you can see what we’re talking about here and then with some more McLaren themed stuff going on the papaya orange leather and stitching the gold colored metal on the rails instead of the normal black but for the main piece the main reason why this is a concept is the disappearing and reappearing cameras on the back it’s pretty cool.


So all right what is actually happening here so for the glass on the back of the phone one plus has taken the electrochromic glass tech that we’ve seen in the Sunroofs of some supercars specifically some MacLaren’s and actually show this in the video of the quirks and features of the McLaren GT they have taken that tech and shrunk it all the way down into the thinness and the form factor of the glass on the back of the phone so the way electro-chromatic glassworks is this shade is created when an electric current is passed through it so there are multiple layers of glass here and getting all that glass over the back to be thin enough to work on a smartphone.

But still achieve this effect is technically really impressive and it took them they told me 18 months of work already to get it to this point so I can’t imagine is easy now if you look closely we’re at the right angles you can still actually kind of see the camera lenses here and there through the glass so it’s not completely a hundred percent opaque it’s more like 90 something percent to me it seems but it’s pretty clearly better looking when it’s darker it’s overall sleeker when that shade is closed and to me.

It just makes the phone look better it looks cleaner that way and then opens up the camera app and 0.7 seconds later you got yourself a working camera that’s totally see-through and it almost makes this like animated looking cross-dissolve sort of effect when the camera app opens which is neat.

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