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Samsung Galaxy A70s Review Great Multimedia Device

The first thing I look for in a phone is equality to sleep because you interact with us all the time it needs to be good be a 70s with its six-point seven inches Super AMOLED screen has given me an unforgettable display experience this is n by far among the best displays I have seen in a phone of this price range and because this is an AMOLED panel its contrast is simply amazing I’ve had the best time watching YouTube content and even reading ebooks on it the large screen enhances gaming experience as well the phone.

Also has wide l1 certification so if you are someone who watches Netflix or Amazon content on your phone then you can watch it an easy resolution additionally the 870’s gives you the option to go full screen with navigation gestures which makes the already large screen look even bigger what’s also big in the phone is the battery size its light screen definitely needs a lot of power which the phone generously provides with its 4500 mAh battery on full charge I got over a day with moderate usage which i think is pretty good before the a7ii s I also used.

The note 8 pro as my daily driver which has the same 4000 mAh battery but the a 70 s performs better mainly because of three reasons number one the energy-efficient AMOLED display number 2 MediaTek chipsets are not as efficient as the ones from Qualcomm and number 3 excellent software optimization on the subs so with a big display and excellent battery life at home I think the a 70 s is the best mid-range smartphone for multimedia experience on the audio front the press 3.5 mm headphone jack still lives on and the audio quality from the single speaker is good if not great the charging on the a7ii else too is quite fast you get a 25-watt charger inside the box that charges the battery from 0 to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy A70s Review

Also, it’s not your normal charger that has a USB a 2 USB C plugins this one like the note m+ has a type C to type C outlet which makes the power delivery faster than the USB a outlets now with the huge battery at home you might think that the phone is bulky and heavy however you get a slim and light form factor only a 70s.

I don’t know how Samsung has managed to achieve this because I recently reviewed the e 50s and it was light and plain as well despite featuring a big battery and same is the case with the a7 es phones from other manufacturers in the same price range have 4000 mAh batteries and is significantly bulk it aside so kudos to Samsung for this more about the design the back of thee 70 s is plastic which is slightly disappointing because the competing smartphones like the k20 Pro and the v70 pro are giving a glass design still the a7 tss back looks good with its gradient pattern nevertheless since it’s plastic it bears higher chances of getting scratched out so if you’re planning on getting this phone you’d better kiss it up by the way you get a clear case inside the box which for me has lasted well and I think it will go on for 2 months.

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