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Samsung Galaxy M10s Review

Samsung Galaxy M10s Review – The Best Affordable Samsung Phone?
Is Samsung’s Galaxy M10s the best affordable Samsung phone you can buy right now? Watch our review to find out.

Samsung Galaxy M10s is an affordable smartphone brings a number of upgrades over its predecessor with an AMOLED display, a fingerprint sensor, and more.

The galaxy m10s retains the same design as the galaxy m10 and is relatively light at 169 grams the curved sides make it comfortable to hold the power button is easy to reach but we can’t say the same about the volume buttons is it the usual tools and functionality along with a dedicated micro SD card slot it also sports a USB type-c port which is a welcome addition, yes a fingerprint scanner has been added but the position could have been better as we currently need to stretch our fingers to reach it the galaxy m10s is powered by the newer Samsung Exynos 78840 that is paired with 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage at the price is 8999 rupees though you can find it for less.

During sales, the six-point four-inch AMOLED display is gorgeous and is undoubtedly the highlight of the galaxy m10s it is an HD plus family with good viewing angles and it does get bright enough when outdoors an AMOLED panel that looks this good is in common in this price segment so you will enjoy watching content on this device sadly there is no always-on display feature Samsung could have big that in to take full advantage of the AMOLED fans and that bottom-firing speaker is a tad disappointing it isn’t loud and sounds tinny Samsung shifts the galaxy emptiness with one UI one point one running on top of Android 9pi with the other security patch there are quite a few bloatware apps pre-installed and some can get really spammy so we recommend that you uninstall them right away.

Samsung Galaxy M10s
Samsung Galaxy M10s

Samsung’s Exynos seven eight eight four V SOC delivers acceptable performance for basic tasks but we did sense a bit of weakness when loading apps as the phone took longer than usual the 3gb of RAM should be enough average users but not ideal for a heavy user we played pub G mobile on the galaxy emptiness and the game defaulted to the medium settings the graphics were set to balance and frame rate set to medium we did notice Tata while gaming the smartphone was slightly wanted to touch we also played pop t-mobile light which performed better and was playable without any noticeable lag the galaxy m10s delivers good battery light and we had around 40% left at the end of a full day of usage in a HD video loop test the phone went on for 15 hours and 11 minutes which is decent for the price and the supplied 15-watt charger does come in handy as I took the phone to 60% in a not the galaxy m10s sports a dual-camera setup.

There is a 13-megapixel primary camera with an F 1.9 aperture and a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with an F 2.2 a person it also has a single LED flash positioned below the camera module for selfies it has an 8-megapixel sensor position in the waterdrop notch the camera software is similar to what we’ve seen on recent Samsung MCD smartphones there is a quick toggle that lets you easily switch between the primary camera and the wide-angle one thee I can recognize what the phone is pointed at and sets the camera up accordingly you can also quickly enable beautification and different filters.

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