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Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite

About a week ago Samsung announced two phones the Galaxy S 10 light and the Galaxy Note my and never in my life has it taken me this long to wrap my head around a couple of smartphones my first reaction was oh cool new flagship phones but then this quickly turned to confusion as I looked at their frankly bizarre choice of specifications after delving even further though it’s all starting to fall into place in a weird way these devices might just be one of Samsung’s smartest decisions ever so first up the galaxy s 10 light your first impression will probably be similar to mine a fantastic 1080p Super AMOLED display on the front especially.

When you switch to the color mode from natural to vivid you’ve got great software powered by Samsung’s latest one UI to skin running on top of Android 10 which brings all number of small refinements over last year’s offering and I’d even go as far to say a really good camera it takes photos with great dynamic range in most cases indistinguishable from the most expensive Samsung phones there’s also an ultra-wide and a macro camera for super close-up shots a bit of an unusual combination but I’m fine however the more I used it the more questions.

I started to have it’s an S series phone a title Samsung has always reserved for any their top-level flagships so why call it that when they’ve skipped the pure glass construction used for every other s series phone in years in exchange for what feels like plastic in the hand it’s strikingly similar to one of their mid-range a series phones and the timing of the whole thing the phone is equipped with last year’s snapdragon 855 chipset it branded as one of last year’s phones so why on earth did they wait a whole year before releasing it there’s nothing inherently wrong with this 855 chip by the way but with the pace of the current smartphone market by waiting a year.

This previously flagship processor is now available in mid-range phones plus the s10 light and the note 10 light which I’ll get to because that is even weirder they launched at the end of this January that’s barely two weeks before the company’s next-gen flagship scum in the whole thing is head-scratching leaked confusing so armed with what felt like a hundred questions I went to go and meet with a chief engineer behind the two phones and I think I can finally explain what’s happening here on a bit of a side note if you are enjoying this video a sub would be amazing I’m trying to hit 5 million by the of the year.


So we’ve got to start somewhere Samsung’s current budget phones  let’s take the galaxy a 10 in the UK they sit at around 100 pounds their mid-range phones like the new Galaxy a 51 sit at just over 300 pounds but their upcoming flagships will probably start a no less than 700 pounds so that means even though we’ve already split phones into budget mid-range and top-tier because of the sheer range in prices now we almost need another category the high but not top-end and that’s exactly what the s10 light has meant to target at around 580 pounds it’s a phone with compromises compared to the mainline galaxy s10 but also a surprising amount of benefits and that’s what separates it from one of their mid-range phones.

In most cases a mid-range phone basically starts with a flagship and then makes a whole load of things less good but this feels like it was built from the ground up to just be different, it’s not actually plastic for starters it’s a compound they call glass stick created by fusing glass and plastic together which gives it the drop resistance of plastic and let’s be honest the feel of plastic but with the potential silver lining of slightly better scratch resistance property of glass and this 48-megapixel camera is in a way the best camera Samsung has ever put on a smartphone it comes with a completely redesigned stabilization system that means the video has come out almost cinematic even though I’m walking here without being particularly careful in low-light to where Samsung’s video has historically fallen apart the s10 light manages to control bright spots and minimize grain in situations like this, it is better than the camera on the 2000-pound Galaxy fold for photos and general versatility I wouldn’t say it’s quite there but the point is that this is not a worse camera it’s different.

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