Top Anticipated Video Games

Top Anticipated Video Games of the Next Decade

Top 4 most anticipated games releasing in the far future for this list we’ll be looking at the most anticipated video games that don’t have an official release date to help differentiate this from our 2020 lists we will only be including games whose release dates are completely unknown at least right now anyway.

Number 1. Star citizen oh boy star citizen is a long time in the making development began all the way back in 2011 and was overseen by a massive Kickstarter campaign supposed to say the hype is strong with this one this is largely due to the involvement with Chris Roberts the lead designer of the Wing Commander series despite initially being scheduled for a 2014 release we’ve only received a handful of alpha components and a beta of the single-player mode called squadron 42 is planned for release sometime in spring of 2020 as for a full release probably beyond spaceships by the time we’re actually playing the full game.

Number 2. Sin Wasaga hell bleh – if there’s one award we could give to this game right now it would be for the most metal thing we’ve ever seen seriously look at this he’ll blade senna sacrifice blue critics away in 2017 it was hard to believe that this was an indie title yet it stood out for it Stella will design accurate depiction of psychosis and most important of all lead actress Milena young men’s award-winning performance now with financial backing from Microsoft hell Blade 2 is ready to stand out on the Xbox series X this is that dumb name for a console and it makes the first game look like a prologue in comparison Sanyo looks terrifying yet we are more than eager to step into this new world, oh boy gimme.

Anticipated Video Games

Number 3. Baldur’s gate three it’s been a long time since we’ve got a new Baldur’s Gate gang the first was developed by Bioware back in 1998 and it’s acclaimed sequel shares a bomb followed up two years later since then it’s been just spin-offs expansions and remasters a third game was in development before Black Isle Studios was forced to close and all traces disappeared since that time, however, divinity creator Larian Studios has acquired the rights to develop and publish a third ball skate game which will take its influence from the fifth edition of the dungeon of dragons rule set.

Number 4. Bayonetta threesome fans hope to see Ben at three in 2019 as various Nintendo executives strongly hinted that it would be released that year however that changed in April 2019 when the game was officially given a TBA release window following that disappointment fans eagerly await to see it at e3 2019 but were once again left disappointed oh and there was also the game of words 2019 and that came and went luckily Platinum Games had producer as sushi and Nava told video game Chronicle that development was going very well and
that fans shouldn’t worry about cancellation going to him skipping e3 was an intentional PR strategy not sure about the game boards though not an indication that there wasn’t anything to show you can expect there near three on the switch sometime soon don’t let me down platinum.

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