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Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb True Wireless Earphones Review

Today we have with us the Zebronics Zeb Sound Bomb a Budget True Wireless Earphones. And In this video, we will do the unboxing and will discuss how they perform!

The best budget true wireless earbuds and here we have the zebra onyx zebb sound bomb in the front of the box we have the model name and the picture of the product and here we have some features at the bottom such as Bluetooth 5.0 support voice assistant support touch control indicate that type C charging in these earphones and here we have the MRP which is rupees 2699 but you can get them for approximately 1800 rupees from Amazon at the back of the box we have the specifications and the features such as 18 hours battery backup with the charging case.

There splash-proof and lightweight and these two wireless earphones are available in different colors such as black and red and white so let’s open the box and see the content now on the top we have the zebra on except sound bomb charging case and two earbuds we will look at them in a moment let’s see what else we have in the box
so we get the user guide which has the info pod the pairing and different touch controls and then you get the type C charging cable and some extra ear tips so that’s all we have in the box.

Now let’s look at the earphones closely zevran except sound bomb earphones are pretty lightweight they are not too big and I find a size perfect what is designed the belt quality I find is good and in terms of design I prefer always the in-ear earphones which are more comfortable than the regular earbuds set as the real me Birds ear which are not that comfortable now in terms of battery backup I’m not sure about a capacity of the earbuds in charging case but the company claims about 6 hours of playback time from one single charge and with the charging case you can get extra 18 hours of playback time the size of the charging case is also good and you can easily carry it in your pocket as well.

Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb

So overall at this price the specification and the features which we have on these 2 wireless earphones looks good now let’s pair them with the phone and we’ll see how is the sound quality pairing is simple you just have to take them out of the charging case and they will appear in your available Bluetooth device list there are different sounds to let you know when they are paired or disconnected from your phone about the sound quality I have used them for some time and before we talk about the sound quality I have to be honest here that these earbuds are really comfortable and you get a snug fit which makes them perfect for workout and yes then although splash-proof now about the sound performance you get good bass it’s not too high or too low but you get perfect base for music especially for watching movies and videos the sound is loud and clear and I have noticed that there are no distortions even at high volume so overall force on performance these earbuds sound pretty good but do not expect high bass from them but for my taste.

I find these earbuds perfect for listening to music and watching videos the touch controls are also good and the response is fast we have a single touch to pause and play tracks double-tap to change songs and two-second long press to enable Google assistant or Siri there are no volume controls but you can ask Siri or Google Assistant to change the volume for you these earbuds also come with the call function and the mic performance is also decent and it can also take calls in stereo now in terms of latency you will notice my not lag
while watching videos and noticeable lag while playing games so for games like pop G & Co D I would not recommend these earbuds.

Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb True Wireless Earphones Review

So overall zevran except song bomb is a pretty decent package in the price range of 1,800 rupees you’re getting a good looking hear birds which are comfortable and offers good battery backup as well as sound performance the touch controls works perfectly and you also get the auto to connect feature which means when you take them out of the charging case they will auto pair with the last device similarly they get disconnected when you put them back in the case talking about things which are missing in these earbuds are the autoplay and pass feature they do not support autoplay and pause when you take the earbud out of your ear and guys if you’re looking for an inner design true wireless earbuds which perform and looks good then you can definitely consider them especially at this price range.

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